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. that is just implausible. >> reporter: irs commissioner steven miller testified on friday that his technical advisor told him the name of the person responsible for targeting tea party and patriot groups but he said he doesn't remember it. there are two more hearings this week at which congress will try to get its answer. jim. >> sharyl, thank you. >> five numbers and the powerball. tonight it adds up to more than $590 million dollars. and the biggest powerball jackpot ever. a single ticket with the winning number was sold at a supermarket in zephyr hills florida. ashley porter is there. ashley? >>. >> reporter: well, jim, this wing ticket was bought at this publix in zephyr hills 30 miles outside of tampa. we don't know who the lucky winner is yet but even if this person wanted to come forward today to officially claim that prize, they couldn't. because the florida lottery office doesn't open until tomorrow. but once this person does come forward, they will be the winner of one of the largest lottery jackpots ever. and also the biggest single ticket payout in american history. now to give y
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)